lake in Hungary

lake in Hungary


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Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Back at home

We are happy to be back at Germany and see our friends and family again. I hope we have some time now to share some more pictures of this great
adventure. Here is the route of the travel. We did all de distance by bike except the part between Tarragona and Madrid (We had to take the train to reach the festival in time). We did about 3000 kilometers on our bikes in 55 days. It was an incredible experience and let's see where our bicycles will carry us the next time... 

(click on the map for a bigger view)

Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Pictures !

Francesco, our new mate, we picked up in Barcelona.


Some unwished guests.

Hola España !

After reaching the sea at a really tourism area (:/) we cycled along the coast of France down to the border of Spain.

Furthermore we met in the near of Montpellier some other Boomers, cycling to the Boom in the North of the Pyrenes.

Finally we reached our "Promised land" Spain. It's easy to have a healhy lifestyle at prices like 0,45 €/kg Nectarines.

Only some of our sleeping places along the Costa Brava and the south of France.

On the way to Barcelona we had a short stop in Lloret de Mar. Horrible.

Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

We are Sorry !

Because of the low batteries of our Phones, Cameras etc. and technical problems in Spain we aren´t able to upload pictures and continue our blog.

Don´t be worry, we try our best uploading in the following days !

Best regards from Barcelona !

Montag, 14. Juli 2014

Some more nice pictures !

Bienvenue a la France !

Before we left the swiss we met some nice swiss slackline pros, visited the Boom two years ago. They didnt only tell us about their Boom experience, they also recommented the best way to cross the border. 

It shouldnt be the last meeting this day.

Arriving the first french supermarket we couldnt hold our needs, because we ran out of swiss money we randomly met some Globetrotter from Germany.

Breakfast after sharing our "bed" with the heartly people from Germany, walking around the world with five dogs and a shopping cart (from the Rewe in the North of Germany).

Confused of the huge and giant french supermarkets our break extented.

The night we stayed near of a scary forest with a lot of animals.

One day later we were glad of making our first 1000 kilometres.

As a reward we found a really nice sleeping place.

Difficulties with a new language

We didnt expect language problems such like our ones.
One example: Once a night we found a nice sleeping place in mid of a wealthy area directly to the lake of Geneve. Suddenly we were scared of a security man, being unable of speaking english. Only with hand signs he could make understandable that we have to leave the place in five minutes.

Two hours and a lot of security-cigarettes later we left and found a sweet bridge.

Nevertheless not all sleeping places were taken from us: